Pediatric Dentistry Services Provided


Here at Today’s Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics our goal is to PREVENT dental problems. Tooth decay is the number one preventable childhood disease! Good dental habits, a healthy diet, and regular visits to the dentist help keep your little one cavity-free. 

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Cosmetic Pediatric Dentistry

Everybody wants to be proud of their smile, no matter what age.  We offer a variety of cosmetic options including composite bonding (white tooth fillings) and white crowns for front and back teeth. Please ask us about our esthetic and safe options today!

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Drill Free Options

We offer application of Silver Diamine Fluoride which is a drill-free alternative to traditional pediatric dental procedures.

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Low Radiation Digital X-Rays

We offer digital x-rays with the lowest possible radiation exposure. The Nomad portable x-ray machine looks like a big camera and makes for a pleasant experience. 

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We offer several sedation options including Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas), IV sedation, and comprehensive pediatric dental treatment in an operating room setting.

  • Nitrous Oxide

    Nitrous Oxide which is commonly known as “laughing gas” is extremely effective in reducing anxiety and makes dental treatment easier for children.  Nitrous Oxide starts to work very quickly, wears off very quickly, and has virtually no side effects.
  • Oral sedation

    Oral sedation requires a child to drink a pleasant-tasting medication prior to their appointment that will relax them for their treatment. 
  • In-Office IV sedation

    IV sedation can be provided in our office under the supervision of a Pediatric Anesthesiologist and Dr. Datien. IV sedation allows Dr. Datien to provide treatment to patients who otherwise have difficulty cooperating without going to the hospital. IV sedation is a medical procedure and we will be working with your child’s pediatrician.    
  • Hospital-Based Sedation

    There are certain situations where in-office IV sedation is not adequate and your child may be safer and happier in a hospital-setting. 

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